Injury Prevention

Trauma is the major cause of death in the United States, from childhood through middle age. From a motor vehicle collision to a child’s fall on a playground, trauma affects us all. The good news is most injuries are preventable, but it’s all about choices; making the right choice to prevent a tragic situation from occurring. As a Level 1 Trauma Center, the Injury Prevention Program has a commitment to the community. Our commitment is to provide injury prevention education for all stages of life.

Bicycle Rodeos: Coming to a Community Near you.

Bicycle rodeos are clinics that helps teach children the importance of riding a bicycle safely to include properly fitting a helmet and what skills and precautions they need to develop to have a safe time on their bicycles.Bicycle Rodeos are usually for the age group of 4–13 years old.


The Traumaroo safety series is a childhood educational program developed by the American Trauma Society. The program uses an animated character named “Troo” to teach important safety habits, using “fun” as a key component. The program helps children develop safe behavior patterns that will become lifelong habits. The target population for this program is kindergarten through fourth grade.

Traumaroo focuses on four main areas:


  • Bicycle safety
  • Playground safety
  • Controlling anger
  • Home safety


Car Seat and Safety Checks

Car seat and safety checks are offered throughout the year at a variety of agencies/business. Here is a list of the Permanent Child Passenger Safety Check Stations in the Mid Carolina RAC

For more information on how you can bring these programs to you school or community please contact:
Injury Prevention Coordintor
UNC Trauma Program